Welcome to our English homepage!

De Stadswerkplaats is a city workshop for wood and metal work in the city center of Groningen. Aside from the workspace, we offer several courses in wood and metal work. Group courses are given in Dutch, but several individual courses can be followed in English, check the overview below and contact us if you are interested.

Rent a cargo bike

De Stadswerkplaats is also famous for its cargo bikes, which can be rented for a half day (4 hrs.) or a full day (8 hrs.). Our cargo bikes are often used by students for moving house. In the city of Groningen there is a traffic plan in place in order to keep out cars and motorized vehicles. Our cargo bikes are considered bikes (as is in the name) and are therefore a convenient way of transport!

Want to rent a cargo bike? Give us a call and reserve your cargo bike: 050 313 1490