Bakfietsverhuur – English below

De Stadswerkplaats beschikt over 8 bakfietsen.
Deze kun je huren voor € 12,-  per halve dag.
Ma t/m vr 8.30-12.30 en 12.30-16.30
Za 9.00 – 12.30 en 12.30 – 16.00
Zondags zijn wij gesloten.

Verhuur is alleen mogelijk met een borg: ID of rijbewijs
Geen ID of paspoort, dan is de borg 200 euro.
Verder moet de huurder tijdens de huur telefonisch bereikbaar zijn.
Eventuele schade worden verhaald op de huurder.
PINNEN? Graag!

Bel ons op: 050 – 3131 490
Kom je een half uur na je gereserveerde tijd, dan mogen wij de bakfiets aan iemand ander verhuren.
Reserveren is aan te raden, met name aan het einde van de maand.


Cargo bike rental

De Stadswerkplaats has 8 tricycle cargo bikes,
You can rent those for € 12, –  for half day.
Mo – Fr 8.30-12.30 and 12.30-16.30
Sa 9.00 – 12.30 and 12.30 – 16.00 

To make a reservation, call us: 050 – 3131 490
Rental is only possible with a deposit: ID or driving license
No ID or driving license, then the deposit is 200 euro.
The tenant is reachable by phone during the rental.
Damages will be recovered from the tenant.
Pay with card? Yes, please!

Give us a call to make a reservation: 050 – 3131 490
If you arrive half an hour after the reserved time, then we are allowed to rent out the bike to someone else.
Reservations are recommended, especially at the end of the month.



All applicable rules are mentioned below:


Cargo bike rental rules

1. The cargo bike’s tenant must identify him- or herself by means of a valid driver’s license, passport or I.D. This ID is taken as a deposit during the rental period. Don’t have an ID card? Then we ask  € 200, – cash as a deposit.

2. The rental period is calculated per half day,

Mo-Fr: 08.30 – 12.30   and  12.30 –  16.30

Sat 09.00  – 12.30  and  12.30 – 16.00

3. The rental price is € 12, – per half day.

4. Any use of the cargo bike requires permission from the responsible workshop manager.

5. The tenant declares that the cargo bike has been found in good condition.

6. The tenant is prohibited from hiring or re-hiring the cargo bike to third parties.

7. In case of a flat tire during the rental period, the tenant ensures that the cargo bike returns to the workshop. 10 Euro will be charged for repairing a tire.

8. The tenant is responsible for any damage to the cargo bike caused by improper use of the tenant or damage to the cargo bike caused by other persons and / or road users. The cargo bike must not be left unattended. Always apply the chain lock!

9. The cargo bike must be in at 16.30 on weekdays. Saturday at 16.00.

10. In case of theft and / or loss of the bakfiets, the tenant is charged with the amount of € 4500, -.

11. Damage caused by the tenant to goods and / or third parties can in no case be collected at the city workplace.

12. The tenant is reachable by telephone during the rental period.

13. If the tenant returns the cargo bike too late, we will charge a fine of  € 20, – per hour or € 100, – day.  After 1 day, theft is reported to the police.