Sharpening tools

Time:  3 hours (morning or afternoon)
Date: on appointment
Location: A-Kerkhof 30
Costs: € 135,- including documentation and materials

You can apply by sending a mail to:
Subsequently the teacher will contact you about the start of the course and any further questions.
You can pay for this course by card or cash on the day itself.

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Almost everybody knows that tools need to be sharp to do good work. But what is sharp? And how do you sharpen your tool? And how do you keep it sharp? In this course you learn to sharpen and maintain tools like chisels, gouges, plane irons and knives etc. Attention will be paid to sharpening on machines (wet and dry) and also on (water) stones. It is amazing to turn a rusty and dull chisel into a razorsharp tool.